American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting

Upfront Darzalex Combo May Be More Beneficial in the First-Line Setting for Transplant-Ineligible Myeloma Than Alternatives

January 5th 2022

An expert from the Mayo Clinic explained that the use of a combination of drugs including Darzalex in the first-line setting may lead to better outcomes for patients with multiple myeloma instead of other first-line standard-of-care options.

CAR-T Cell Therapy Continues to Impress in Myeloma Treatment

December 15th 2021

Treatment with the CAR-T cell therapy ciltacabtagene autoleucel (cilta-cel) led to a 97.9% response rate at two years in patients with relapsed/refractory myeloma in a recent clinical trial.

Venclexta-Triplet Combo Appears Safe And Shows Deep Responses in Type of Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma

December 15th 2021

Two different doses of Venclexta combined with Darzalex and the steroid dexamethasone elicited effective responses appeared safe in patients with t(11;14) relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma.

Imbruvica And Rituxan Bests Standard-of-Care Regimen in Patients With Previously Untreated CLL

December 14th 2021

The data demonstrated that the combination of Imbruvica and Rituxan conferred superior progression-free survival results in patients with previously untreated chronic lymphocytic leukemia, compared with the chemotherapies fludarabine and cyclophosphamide plus Rituxan.

Novel Drug Plus Rituxan May Serve as ‘New Treatment Option’ for Relapsed/Refractory Lymphoma Subset

December 13th 2021

The use of a novel drug combination yielded positive outcomes in patients with B-cell lymphomas for whom CAR-T cell therapy or stem cell transplant isn’t an option.

mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination Sparks Strong Antibody Response in Patients With AML and MDS

December 13th 2021

Most patients with acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome achieved strong antibody responses to COVID-19 vaccination, according to recent study results.

Ninlaro-Darzalex Combo Elicits Favorable Treatment Outcomes, Responses in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma

December 13th 2021

Treatment with Ninlaro plus Darzalex and a low dose of the steroid dexamethasone was associated with favorable responses to treatment in non-transplant eligible, intermediate-fit patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma.

Patients With CLL Had Improved Quality of Life on Imbruvica Plus Rituxan

December 13th 2021

Patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia reported improved quality of life when treated with frontline Imbruvica and Rituxan, followed by continuous treatment with Imbruvica.

Novel Treatment Combination Shows Promising Results, Tolerable Side Effects in Multiple Myeloma

December 12th 2021

Patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma experienced a benefit after receiving Xpovio in combination with Darzalex, Velcade and the steroid dexamethasone.

Kymriah May Be Safe and Effective in Children and Young Adults With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Subtype

December 12th 2021

The immunotherapy Kymriah offered similar benefits in patients younger than and older than 18 years with relapsed/refractory B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Cancer Clinical Trial Enrollment Is Low in the US, and Patient Depression and Anxiety May Play a Role

December 12th 2021

Researchers found that depression and anxiety may skew patient perceptions of participating in blood cancer clinical trials, thus contributing to low enrollment throughout the United States.

MRD-Guided Combination Treatment Appears Feasible in Patients With a Form of Relapsed/Refractory Leukemia

December 11th 2021

Using the presence of minimal residual disease to direct Imbruvica plus Venclexta treatment appears to be a feasible option for patients with relapsed/refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Imbruvica, Venclexta Combo Offers Chemotherapy-Free Regimen for Patients with CLL

December 11th 2021

Recent results demonstrated durable responses and no new side effects for Venclexta plus Imbruvica in pretreated chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

CAR-T Cell Therapy Bests Standard of Care in Health-Related Quality of Life for Patients With Lymphoma

December 11th 2021

Patients with large B-cell lymphoma tended to have better quality of life that continued to improve over time after receiving Breyzani compared to those given standard of care.

Dose Reduction of Xpovio Improves Safety and Optimizes Patient Outcomes in Myeloma

December 10th 2021

In recent trial results, a dose reduction of Xpovio (selinexor) was associated with longer progression-free survival and duration of response while also reducing side effects in patients with multiple myeloma.

Early Use of Fixed-Duration Venclexta-Rituxan Combo in Patients with Relapsed/Refractory CLL Effective, And Does Not Compromise Subsequent Therapy Response in Patients Who Need Retreatment

December 14th 2020

More than half of the patients (66.7%) in the Venclexta and Rituxan arm who went on to receive subsequent Venclexta-based treatments experienced a partial response or partial nodal response to the therapy.

Venclexta Added to Novel Combination Therapy Elicits High Responses in Patients with Relapsed/Refractory Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

December 14th 2020

Among 27 patients with relapsed/refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients who completed all 12 cycles of the triplet therapy, 100% of patients had a complete or partial response to the treatment—with 41% achieving a complete response.

Novel Combination Therapy Contributes to Additional Progression-Free Survival Benefit Compared With Chemoimmunotherapy in Patients with CLL

December 9th 2020

The combination of ublituximab and umbralisib, two novel compounds, was able to safely prolong progression-free survival with low rates of toxicities in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia compared with standard of care chemoimmunotherapy regardless of prior treatment.

Calquence Use Associated With Limited Heart Toxicities in Patients With Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

December 8th 2020

At a median follow-up of 25.9 months, 17% of the patient population who received Calquence monotherapy experienced a cardiac toxicity of any severity, which led to treatment discontinuation in only seven patients.

Investigational CAR-T Cell Therapy Lisocabtagene Maraleucel Shows Durable Responses in Patients with Relapsed/Refractory CLL/SLL

December 8th 2020

The early study of the investigational CAR-T cell therapy lisocabtagene maraleucel shows how patients with relapsed/refractory CLL/SLL may have a viable new treatment option.

Significant Number of Patients With Blood Cancers Deal With Depression or Anxiety Before or After Diagnosis, Highlighting ‘Critical’ Need for Mental Health Screening and Management

December 8th 2020

This data, according to a resident physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, highlights the need for systematic mental health screening and management for individuals with blood cancers.

Long-Term Data of Imbruvica-Rituxan Combo in Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Demonstrates ‘Major Step Forward’

December 8th 2020

In an interview with CURE®, a Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia expert discusses the long-term benefits of the targeted combination of Imbruvica and Rituxan.

Patients With Aggressive Lymphomas Experience Major Quality of Life Improvements 1 Year After Diagnosis

December 7th 2020

Patients with aggressive lymphomas experienced sharp increases in quality of life from time of diagnosis until one year later and continued to see improvements for almost a decade.

Imbruvica-Based Treatment Elicited Long-Term Survival Benefits in Subset of Patients With CLL Who Historically Have Poor Outcomes

December 7th 2020

Imbruvica treatment in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia whose disease expressed a certain mutation elicited sustained efficacy over a median follow-up of four years, according to data from a long-term analysis.

Traditional Definition of ‘High-Risk’ in Patients With CLL and SLL Outdated, Needs to be Revisited

December 7th 2020

In an interview with CURE®, Dr. Jan A. Burger discusses how the results of two phase 3 studies could help redefine what constitutes as low or high risk in patients with CLL or SLL.

Treatment with Imbruvica and Rituxan May Benefit Patients with Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Out to 5 Years

December 6th 2020

The benefit observed in patients with Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia treated with Imbruvica (ibrutinib) plus Rituxan (rituximab), compared with placebo and Rituxan, focused on survival and response to the treatment, both of which occurred despite prior treatment and genotypes.

Interventions Improve Survival, Quality of Life for Patients Experiencing Financial Toxicity

December 6th 2020

Dr. Knight presents findings that suggest financial intervention can improve mortality rate in patients with hematologic malignancy at the 2020 ASH Meeting.

How Higher Doses of Imetelstat May Benefit Patients with Relapsed/Refractory Myelofibrosis

December 6th 2020

In an interview with CURE®, lead study investigator Dr. John Mascarenhas discusses what the results of the phase 2 IMbark study could mean for the future of patients with myelofibrosis.

Venclexta-Rituxan Combo Continues to Show Survival Benefit Through 5 Years in Relapsed/Refractory CLL

December 5th 2020

Compared with patients assigned bendamustine with Rituxan, those assigned Venclexta with Rituxan maintained an overall survival benefit, with a five-year OS estimate of 82.1% for the Venclexta with Rituxan group vs. 62.2% for the bendamustine with Rituxan group.

Data Support Fixed-Treatment Duration of Imbruvica/Venclexta Combo Could Lead to Treatment Discontinuation in Certain Patients With CLL/SLL

December 5th 2020

Data suggest that patients with CLL/SLL who achieve confirmed undetectable minimal residual disease following 12 cycles of Imbruvica combined with Venclexta could possibly discontinue and reasonably remain off treatment.