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Trailblazer, Advocate, Innovator and Clinician For Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer

February 19th 2022

A colleague recognizes the generosity, humility and grace of a metastatic breast cancer expert who has led many practice-changing trials and programs to help as many patients as she can.

More Than a Hero: My Mom’s Cancer Doctor Made It Possible For Her to Watch Me Grow Up

February 18th 2022

When I first learned about my mom’s breast cancer, I was just a toddler — but thanks to her incredible oncologist, my mom is here to see to me grow up.

A Pioneer of Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Who Never Gives up on Patients

February 17th 2022

A surgical oncologist honors an admirable doctor in the field who refuses to falter in the face of challenges in order to do exhaust every opportunity possible to improve the lives of patients with metastatic breast cancer.

More Than Just a Colleague: An Inspiring Individual Fighting for Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer

February 16th 2022

A woman with breast cancer honors a colleague for her inspirational work to better the lives of patients with metastatic breast cancer, mentor others and inspire meaningful change.

Daily Aspirin Use Failed to Improve Breast Cancer Outcomes, Led to ‘Slightly Worse Survival’ Than Placebo

February 16th 2022

A large study of women with HER2-negative breast cancer showed that daily aspirin use had no effect on breast cancer outcomes.

Changing to a New Oncologist Is Never Easy, But it Can Be Life-Changing

February 16th 2022

I feared that switching to a new oncologist after mine retired would be awkward but having Dr. Joshua D. Rosenberg treat my metastatic breast cancer has left me with the deepest gratitude.

As More and More People Become Tethered to Their Cell Phones, I Worry About Radiation Causing Cancer

February 15th 2022

Many young people slip cell phones inside their bras or pockets without a thought, but I worry if that is a safe practice and wonder if it could lead to health problems — such as cancer — in the future.

Facing the Unique Challenges of Cancer With Fierce Determination

February 14th 2022

Knowing my friend Brandi since she was a child, I am in awe of how she balanced undergoing treatment for metastatic breast cancer while caring for other patients as an oncology nurse.

I Created an Angel Garden for the Friends I’ve Lost to Breast Cancer

February 14th 2022

I laminated pictures of my friends and created an angel garden complete with a stone that reads “she flies with butterflies” to ensure that the friends I have lost to breast cancer aren’t forgotten.

The Woman With Metastatic Breast Cancer Who Made Lemonade From Lemons

February 13th 2022

An advocate who lost her life due to metastatic breast cancer is honored for her incredible dedication to helping other women feel less alone during their cancer journeys.

The Power a Cancer Doctor’s Reassuring Smile Holds

February 12th 2022

A patient with metastatic breast cancer honors her medical oncologist, Dr. Maria Raquel Nunes, for her calming and optimistic approach.

‘I Feel as Though I Know Her:’ How Connectedness and Support for Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer Travels Across Social Media

February 11th 2022

A metastatic breast cancer survivor honors another survivor whom she was inspired by through social media for her contributions to helping others who have lost their hair during cancer treatment and spreading positivity.

Bringing Hope at a Dark Hour for Patients With Brain Metastases

February 10th 2022

A colleague honors Dr. Nancy U. Lin for her dedication to improving outcomes for patients with metastatic breast cancer by creating a team of neuro experts to help women with brain metastases.

Every Patient With Cancer Needs a Compassionate Coordinator to Guide Them Through Clinical Trials

February 10th 2022

A senior clinical trial coordinator and research trial nurse is honored for gently guiding patients with cancer through the entire clinical trial process with empathy and devotion.

My Breast Friend: The Woman Who Helps Women Feel Beautiful After Breast Cancer Surgery

February 9th 2022

One woman created an accessible and affordable business to help women regain confidence after breast cancer surgery through prosthetics.

I Shouldn’t Have to Read a Medical Dictionary to Understand ‘Cancer Vocabulary’

February 8th 2022

After my cancer diagnosis, I was thrust into a world where I rarely understood what was happening to me. An easy-to-understand “cancer vocabulary” would have surely eased my confusions.

One Woman, Many Lakes: Swimming to Raise Awareness for Metastatic Breast Cancer

February 8th 2022

A retired teacher with breast cancer is recognized for her dedication to raising money and awareness for metastatic breast cancer by swimming across as many lakes as possible.

11 Years After Losing My Hair to Chemo, I Decided to Donate My Locks to Children With Cancer

February 7th 2022

A breast cancer survivor explains why she was inspired to donate her hair to make wigs for children with cancer 11 years after she lost her own hair during chemotherapy treatments.

A Helpline for Patients With Breast Cancer in Relentless Pursuit of Patient Support

February 6th 2022

After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis at age 43, one woman became involved in advocacy with SHARE Cancer Support, spending hours speaking to women on the phone about treatments, emotional impacts and personal issues related to their breast cancer.

The All or Nothing Cancer Narrative: Why ‘Living With Cancer’ Is a Confusing Phrase

February 5th 2022

A mother of a breast cancer survivor who has lost loved ones to the disease explains why the phrase “living with cancer” doesn’t make sense, because there is no escape from it after diagnosis.

Channeling Anger Into Advocacy After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

February 5th 2022

A colleague explains how one woman transformed the devastation of her breast cancer diagnosis into a “war strategy” of advocacy, starting at her kitchen table.

Don’t Let a Mirror Define Your Self-Worth

February 4th 2022

I was hesitant to glance at myself in the mirror in the year after my breast cancer surgery. But I soon learned that I was more than just my image, and I encourage others to do the same.

A Gifted Voice and Passionate Advocate for Metastatic Breast Cancer Research

February 4th 2022

A colleague describes an oncology nurse who goes above and beyond as both a dedicated nurse to her patients’ care and an advocate in the field of metastatic breast cancer.

Fighting to Give Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer a Voice

February 3rd 2022

A medical oncologist is recognized for her contributions in organizing the first international conference dedicated solely to metastatic breast cancer in an effort to give patients a platform to share their stories.

Building Bridges of Inclusion in Metastatic Breast Cancer Care

February 2nd 2022

A man describes his wife’s tireless efforts to advocate for people of color in the metastatic breast cancer field, where many still face disparities within care, inclusion in clinical trials and survival outcomes.

A Tireless Champion for Change in the Metastatic Breast Cancer Field

February 1st 2022

A colleague describes how a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer that later metastasized felt a lack of support and research, leading her to launch support programs for other patients and step into the advocacy field.

Torn Between Looking ‘Normal’ and Being Myself: A Cancer Survivor’s Newfound Breast Envy

January 31st 2022

A breast cancer survivor describes how preparing an outfit for her son’s upcoming wedding and seeing social media photos of other women sparked body envy within her for those who have not been affected by breast cancer surgeries.

Soul Survivor: How One Breast Medical Oncologist’s Personal Experience With Surviving Cancer Influenced Her Patient Care

January 30th 2022

A colleague writes about a medical oncologist who has a rare metastatic breast cancer diagnosis but still manages to go above and beyond for her patients while dealing with her own cancer treatments, and how her empathy guides her.

We Don’t Need More Pink Ribbons for Breast Cancer — We Need Treatments and Hope

January 29th 2022

A mother writes about her daughter — a nurse with metastatic breast cancer who passionately cares for patients even while undergoing chemotherapy — and how more treatment options are desperately needed.

Limiting Alcohol Consumption During Cancer Treatment May Improve Health, Lessen Risk for Additional Diagnoses

January 28th 2022

Patients who limit alcohol intake during their cancer treatment may experience several health benefits, according to physicians from Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology.