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Combating a Cancer Treatment Side Effect Turned Me Into a 'Calcium Junkie'

April 25th 2022

After my breast cancer metastasized to my lungs, I was put on a PARP inhibitor, which caused an unexpected side effect that, unfortunately, happens like clockwork.

Things I Wish I Knew Before Breast Cancer

April 22nd 2022

There are so many things I wish I’d known before being diagnosed with breast cancer, but if I’d known them all in advance, I wouldn’t have learned many valuable lessons.

Cancer and COVID-19 Have Taxed My Imagination

April 21st 2022

As the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be winding down, I’ll still be masking up, knowing that it could return as quickly as it left.

Less Surgery Shown to Preserve Better Long-Term Quality of Life in Patients With Early-Stage Breast Cancer

April 19th 2022

Patients with early-stage breast cancer are advised to ask their provider what the least invasive treatment option is available to them that gives them both a great cure rate and a much better quality of life.

Hoping For a Miracle: Mental Health Care Should Be Standard Treatment for All Cancers

April 18th 2022

A trauma therapist who specializes in cancer would have been helpful for my wife and I as we navigated her cancer experience, but the option was never discussed at our health care visits.

A Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference Helped Me Connect With Hope

April 15th 2022

When I was first diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, I did not know there were so many other people like me until I attended Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Conference on Metastatic Breast Cancer.

FDA Speeds Up Development of New Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment

April 14th 2022

The Food and Drug Administration granted a fast-track designation to Bria-IMT for the treatment of patients with metastatic breast cancer.

Risk Factors to Consider Before Breast Reconstruction Surgery

April 12th 2022

Anemia and anticoagulant use were both associated with higher blood loss and drainage volume, which may prolong a hospital stay after breast reconstruction surgery, according to recent study results.

Navigating Cancer Test Results Is Challenging for Patients and Their Caregivers

April 10th 2022

When my late wife was diagnosed with BRCA2-related triple-negative breast cancer, I realized how important medical literacy is for patients and their loved ones.

Sentinel Node Biopsies ‘Not Likely to Have a Major Impact’ on Outcomes for Older Women With Breast Cancer

April 7th 2022

The presence of cancer in the lymph nodes may not be the strongest indicator of the need for adjuvant chemotherapy in older women with breast cancer, according to recent study results.

Crazy Cancer Cures: Google is Not Your Friend

April 5th 2022

After being diagnosed with cancer, I scoured the internet for ways to live as long as possible and found some helpful tips and not-so-helpful “cures.”

Enhertu Bests Standard of Care in Potentially Preventing Disease Progression, Death in Previously Treated HER2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer

April 4th 2022

Certain patients with metastatic breast cancer may benefit from Enhertu compared with standard of care with Kadcyla despite higher rates of side effects including lung inflammation and interstitial lung disease.

HER2-Positive Breast Cancer: Advice from Patients and Caregivers

April 4th 2022

Sophie Mueller provides advice for patients and caregivers with breast cancer who may be in similar situations.

Utilizing Integrative Care in Metastatic Breast Cancer

April 1st 2022

In CURE’s Speaking Out video series, on behalf of Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Andrea Kassem discusses integrative care in metastatic breast cancer.

‘Driving Your Care’: Planning Treatment of Breast Cancer-Related Brain Metastases

April 1st 2022

In CURE’s Speaking Out video series, on behalf of Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Dr. Nancy Lin discusses treatment planning for patients with breast cancer that has metastasized to the brain.

Patient Offers Advice on Advocating for Quality of Life, Second Opinions in Metastatic Breast Cancer

April 1st 2022

In CURE’s Speaking Out video series, on behalf of Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Myra Camino discusses her experience as a patient advocating for herself after her stage 4 metastatic breast cancer diagnosis.

Being Involved in Decision-Making Through the Multidisciplinary Approach to Metastatic Breast Cancer Care

April 1st 2022

In CURE’s Speaking Out video series, on behalf of Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Dr. Nancy Lin discusses the multidisciplinary approach to metastatic breast cancer care.

Surviving Cancer Is ‘Agonizingly Slow'

March 29th 2022

Spring has arrived, and along with it has come fresh challenges and new perspectives regarding my cancer survivorship.

The Hunt for Perfect Post-Mastectomy Boobs Continues

March 28th 2022

Since having both breasts removed in 2014, I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect replacements. Through trial and error, I’ve gone through the good, the bad and the ugly, but finally came across a product that seemed to meet my needs.

‘Today Show’ Anchor Hoda Kotb Discusses Fertility Issues Following Cancer Diagnosis, Pfizer Pulls Blood Pressure Drugs Due to Cancer Concerns and More

March 25th 2022

From Pfizer issuing a voluntary recall of three blood pressure drugs due to a high level of a cancer-causing chemical to “Today Show” co-ancho Hoda Kotb discussing her struggles with fertility after receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer, here’s what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

Let It Go: A Popular Disney Song Taught Me How to Live After Cancer

March 25th 2022

I let go of knowing I won’t ever be without anxiety of my cancer growing again and let go of the idea of any “old me” returning. I was now focusing on the “new me.”

HER2-Positive Breast Cancer: A Caregiver’s Perspective

March 24th 2022

Sophie Mueller, Jocelyn’s daughter and caregiver, explains her perspectives as a caregiver to Jocelyn and how that impacted her life.

HER2-Positive Breast Cancer: Patient Experience with Support System

March 24th 2022

Jocelyn Mueller details her experience with her caregiver and the describes the support she received from her community as she continues her journey.

Potential FDA Cancer Drug Approvals on the Horizon This Spring

March 24th 2022

The Food and Drug Administration plans on reviewing multiple new cancer therapies this spring.

After Forming a Bond With the Oncologist, We’re Hoping Our Goodbye Is Forever

March 21st 2022

Eventually, my daughter will stop seeing her oncologist, and while I appreciate all that he has done, I hope that they part ways forever.

There’s No Denying Cancer Survivorship Is Hard, But We Can Get Through It

March 21st 2022

During my treatment for triple-negative breast cancer, there was a plan for every situation, but once I entered survivorship, I was in uncharted territory.

HER2-Targeting Post-Operative Treatment for Breast Cancer: The Patient Experience

March 17th 2022

Jocelyn Mueller describes the treatment process with sub-cutaneous HER2-targeting therapy post-operatively and some of the adjustments that she made to her daily life.

Sub-Cutaneous Versus Intravenous HER2-Targeting Post-Operative Treatment for Breast Cancer

March 17th 2022

Jocelyn Mueller, a patient with HER2-postive breast cancer, explains the recovery process after surgery and the impact that the availability sub-cutaneous HER2-targeting therapy has had on her breast cancer journey.

Male Cancer Caregivers Navigate A Gauntlet of Challenges, Often Under The Cover of Darkness

March 15th 2022

Regardless of a man’s age, providing care to a partner or family member with cancer has been shown to take a drastic toll on their health. To make matters worse, research shows many men struggle in silence.

Marathon ‘Streakers’ Say They Won’t Stop Running Until a Cure for Cancer is Found

March 15th 2022

As The DONNA Foundation’s 15th annual marathon brings the breast cancer community together, two “streakers” discuss why they continue to participate in every marathon.