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Alleviating Pandemic-Related Anxiety Over Returning to the Clinic for Clinical Trials

January 16th 2021

In an interview with CURE®, expert Martha Raymond explains the importance of clinical trials during the COVID-19 pandemic and how clinicians must find a way to help ease patients anxieties as they return to the clinic.

Areas Patients with CLL Can Focus On to Maintain Their Health Beyond Treatment

January 15th 2021

In a recent interview with CURE®, a medical oncologist from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute discussed why it’s important for patients with CLL, regardless of their treatment plans, to keep up on vaccinations and maintain a regular cancer screening schedule.

Communication is Key When Navigating Cancer and a Marriage

January 15th 2021

Janice and Rex Cowden sat down for an interview to discuss how to navigate a cancer diagnosis as a couple, and that communication is not only the key to a better cancer journey but a better marriage.

Adding Copiktra to Standard of Care Chemotherapy Combination in CLL Could Improve Outcomes, But Not Without Toxicities

January 14th 2021

In a recent interview with CURE®, a medical oncologist from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston discussed how the addition of Copiktra to a three-drug chemotherapy combination improved outcomes in patients with CLL, with more than half achieving complete remission.

How Expressive Writing Can Help Reduce Stress in Patients with Cancer

January 11th 2021

In an interview with CURE®, Dr. Lawrence An discusses how expressive writing can be a tool to reduce stress in patients with cancer.

Newly Diagnosed with Cancer? Remember You’re 'Not a Statistic'

January 11th 2021

It's easy to get lost in the statistics of survivorship, but it's important for newly diagnosed patients with cancer to remember that they are not a statistic.

Phase 3 RxPONDER Trial May Empower Patients with Breast Cancer on Their Treatment Decisions

January 7th 2021

In a recent trial, the addition of chemotherapy to endocrine therapy showed clinical benefit in premenopausal women with lymph node-positive, HR-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer.

When Art Meets Cancer Science

December 9th 2020

Street artist James Cochran gives CURE® an inside look at his newest project: a piece of art he created by applying 50,000 small dots of paint to a canvas using a lab pipette. It will be displayed in the Institute of Cancer Research’s Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery as a symbol of the creativity and commitment of the scientists who work every day to eradicate cancer.

Long-Term Data of Imbruvica-Rituxan Combo in Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Demonstrates ‘Major Step Forward’

December 8th 2020

In an interview with CURE®, a Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia expert discusses the long-term benefits of the targeted combination of Imbruvica and Rituxan.

Imbruvica-Based Treatment Elicited Long-Term Survival Benefits in Subset of Patients With CLL Who Historically Have Poor Outcomes

December 7th 2020

Imbruvica treatment in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia whose disease expressed a certain mutation elicited sustained efficacy over a median follow-up of four years, according to data from a long-term analysis.

Traditional Definition of ‘High-Risk’ in Patients With CLL and SLL Outdated, Needs to be Revisited

December 7th 2020

In an interview with CURE®, Dr. Jan A. Burger discusses how the results of two phase 3 studies could help redefine what constitutes as low or high risk in patients with CLL or SLL.

How Higher Doses of Imetelstat May Benefit Patients with Relapsed/Refractory Myelofibrosis

December 6th 2020

In an interview with CURE®, lead study investigator Dr. John Mascarenhas discusses what the results of the phase 2 IMbark study could mean for the future of patients with myelofibrosis.

Adaptive Clinical Trial Design Aims to Accelerate Research and Approvals in Pancreatic Cancer

December 2nd 2020

The research process for pancreatic cancer is long and difficult, but a new method of clinical trials is looking to adapt to a growing field and find ways to speed up research without losing efficiency.

How Theranostics Differs From the Current Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

December 1st 2020

While the current field of prostate cancer research is experiencing an era of “warp speed developments,” perhaps the most exciting option on the horizon is theranostics, according to Dr. Phillip J. Koo.

ALK+ Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: The Importance of Biomarker Testing

December 1st 2020

How the Cancer Care Team is Like a Symphony Orchestra

November 30th 2020

Often, patients with cancer will come into contact with only a handful of members of their care team: a primary care physician or oncologist, perhaps a nurse or two. But as Dr. Phillip J. Koo explained, it helps to view the cancer care team – including those who a patient may never see – with a wider lens.

How Theranostics Could Impact the Future of Prostate Cancer Treatment

November 27th 2020

The field of theranostics is growing, and its impact could change the future of prostate cancer treatment. CURE® discusses this potential with a theranostics expert.

Theranostics 101: Combining Therapeutics and Diagnostics to Treat Prostate Cancer

November 25th 2020

Theranostics, or the method of using one radioactive drug to diagnose a malignancy and a second radioactive drug to treat that cancer, is gaining in popularity in the treatment of prostate cancer.

An Inside Look at the Cancer Experience Registry and Its Findings on Anxiety in the Patient Population

November 23rd 2020

Anxiety is a natural part of the cancer journey, but if it isn't addressed then it can become a major challenge to treatment and recovery.

Caregivers of Geriatric Patients with Cancer Are Under-Recognized But Critical Members of the Care Team

November 20th 2020

Caregivers for geriatric patients with cancer are vital members of a patient's care and support system, but often don't get the recognition they deserve.

Cancer Support Community Report Highlights Need for Patient-Provider Discussions to Address Financial Toxicity

November 19th 2020

A new report from the Cancer Support Community shows that extra attention is needed from patient providers to address financial toxicity.

How Personalized Interventions Based on Patient Feedback Will Shape the Future of Geriatric Cancer Care

November 18th 2020

In order to create a better treatment landscape for geriatric patients with cancer, patients need to be involved in the process in order to shape personalized interventions.

Why the Cancer Caregiver Journey Cannot Be Overlooked When Discussing Patient Care

November 18th 2020

Heather Badt, CSC’s Executive Director of the Research & Training Institute, recently shared her personal perspective as a former patient and caregiver with CURE® and expanded on how those who care for loved ones with cancer often face their own unique challenges and require specialized resources themselves

Patient-Reported Tool Highlights the Role of Nutrition in Overall Health for Geriatric Patients with Cancer

November 17th 2020

To gain a better understanding of the issues faced by geriatric patients with cancer, and to determine how much of a role nutrition plays in outcomes, Dr. Grant Williams, a geriatrician oncologist and assistant professor at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, worked with colleagues to create a patient-reported assessment tool that bridges the knowledge gap in this patient population.

Why is Malnutrition Important to Monitor in Patients with Cancer?

November 16th 2020

Nutrition is a vital aspect for patients with cancer, and malnutrition is a concern that must be tracked through the cancer journey.

Newly Diagnosed? Rely on ‘Research and Hope’, Says Doctor Turned Patient With Cancer

November 11th 2020

Doctor turned patient with cancer, Dr. Dan Tran, discusses how research and new medicine can help your hang onto hope during the cancer journey.

Doctor-Turned-Patient Focuses On What He Can Control After a Lung Cancer Diagnosis at Age 30

November 10th 2020

Dr. Dan Tran discusses his stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis at age 30, and how he has managed the shift from doctor to the patient with cancer.

Follicular Lymphoma Treatment Could Rely on Immunotherapy in Therapy Sequencing

October 15th 2020

Follicular lymphoma treatment options are changing, and according to one expert, immunotherapy could become a major part of therapy sequencing.

Expert Discusses the Need for Safe and Effective Treatments for Aggressive Follicular Lymphoma

October 14th 2020

Dr. Kami J. Maddocks discusses the importance of effective treatments for patients with aggressive follicular lymphoma and the treatment challenges they face.

Cancer Treatment-Induced Dry Mouth is ‘Much More Consequential Than It Sounds’

October 9th 2020

Cancer-treatment induced dry mouth can lead to several severe health issues. Here, Dr. Randy Kimple discusses how the side effect can lead to dental health issues, as well as other health consequences including pneumonia.