"The Hands of God" Tree

By eve francis

September 16th, 2016

 "My Times are in Your Hands" Psalm 31: 15a
Dedicated to Dr. Armand Lucas, M.D., Dr. Joseph Crowe, M.D. and Dr. Vinit Makkar, M.D. Forever Grateful
Eve Francis (Inspired by God 3/09/05)

"The Hands of God" Tree greeted me each day, as I turned off of a highway exit en route to work. It was during the winter months that I saw God's Hands in the tree. The fallen, autumn leaves gave way to the accentuated presence of God's Hands, represented in the outstretched bare branches. My heart swelled every time I turned that corner, knowing that God had placed this gift there to remind me of Psalm 31: 15a- "My times are in Your Hands!" This scripture held true for my almighty God, Father, Lord and Savior, as well as all three of my doctors. Each time I passed this winter tree, I saw myself in the center of the silhouette hands of God, being held by Him all the while being reassured that He was in control. I was honored to be alive and credited God and my doctors for having survived two bouts of breast cancer TWICE in just 15 months. (I was 46 when I was first diagnosed in October of 2003 and 47 when my breast cancer returned in January of 2005. God's Will & Plan for me in addition to a brilliant team of doctors brought me through a marathon journey of three Zolodex implants to shut down the estrogen, Tamoxifen regimen, radiation, oophorectomy, 11-hour surgery for tram-flap reconstruction, four rounds of chemotherapy and two revision surgeries ("dog-ear" remedy and liposuction to equalize the breasts). My husband and I were married BETWEEN my thirs and fourth chemotherapy. THE KIKER: Just TWO WEEKS after I had delivered these gifts to my doctors, the TREE WAS BULDOZED in order to clear that parcel of land for the Ahuja Medical Center. This confirmed what I already knew...that God had placed that specific tree on that particular corner, preserved the tree's existence and scriptural shape until AFTER I had my surgery, so that I could glorify Him and honor my doctors with eternal gratitude!!