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Novel Procedure Considered an ‘Acceptable Method’ to Preventing Transmission of Hereditary Cancer Mutations to Children

October 12th 2021

The genetic testing procedure may aid people with a history of hereditary cancer from passing those genetic mutations on to future children.

Avoid a ‘Recipe for Regret,’ and Become Fully Informed on Cancer Treatment Choices

October 11th 2021

A psychologist offers three aspects to think about before making a cancer treatment or prevention decision.

Some Women With Breast Cancer Report Experiencing ‘Flat Denial’ From Surgeons Post-Mastectomy

October 11th 2021

Although many women with breast cancer report being satisfied with their decision to forgo reconstruction after a mastectomy, some indicate a lack of support from their surgeon as well as limited information on their options.

Reigniting Sexual Intimacy and Desire Important for Patients With Cancer

October 8th 2021

Many patients with cancer experience challenges with sexual intimacy. Body image, self-esteem, vaginal health and a positive mindset all come into play.

‘Tip of the Iceberg’: More Targeted Therapies for Pancreatic Cancer to Come

October 7th 2021

There’s a tremendous amount of interest in immunotherapy drugs given alongside targeted therapies for patients with pancreatic cancer, according to an expert.

Effects of Early Menopause From Cancer Treatment May Be Eased With Hormone Replacement Therapy

October 6th 2021

Side effects from early-onset menopause from medical treatments may be mitigated with hormone replacement therapy.

Tell, Ask, Listen, Know: Close the Communication Gap Between Minority Cancer Survivors and Their Providers

October 6th 2021

Three experts discuss an intervention strategy to improve the lack of communication between minority women and their cancer care teams.

Navigating the Ins and Outs of Implant Reconstruction After Breast Cancer Surgery

October 6th 2021

Different breast implant options and potential complications may make the reconstruction process difficult to understand, but one expert discusses the importance of knowing what you want and hopefully avoiding postsurgical issues.

Here’s How Men With Bladder, Colorectal and Prostate Cancer Can Treat Sexual Dysfunction

October 5th 2021

Treatments for bladder, colorectal and prostate cancer may cause sexual dysfunction in men. Here, an expert provides insight into how patients and survivors may improve their sexual health.

Help Children Learn to Cope With Cancer Risks Through Open Conversations

October 5th 2021

While sparking a conversation about cancer risk after a family diagnosis is hard, one expert said that there are benefits — especially when using specific tactics.

New Treatments in Breast Cancer May Lead to Less Toxicity, Improved Response Rates

October 4th 2021

Drugs like PARP inhibitors, immunotherapy and antibody-drug conjugates are making a great impact on the treatment of patients with several subtypes of breast cancer.

Misconceptions About Genetic Testing for Inherited Cancer Mutations ‘Rampant’ Among Minority Populations

October 4th 2021

One of the more prevalent misconceptions about inherited cancer mutations is that genetic testing is only for White people, according to a genetic counselor.

Cancer Survivorship Is Not ‘One Size Fits All’

October 4th 2021

Whether it be physical, psychosocial or financial, the lasting effects of cancer and its treatment can be overwhelming. One expert explains how a personalized survivorship care plan can tackle it altogether.

Eat Your Veggies: Diet Plays a Role in Cancer Occurrence and Outcomes

October 1st 2021

Lifestyle factors like diet and exercise can play a major role in cancer outcomes. In this article, a clinical dietitian offers advice on healthy eating before and after a cancer diagnosis.

The 'Promise' of Precision Medicine: Making Incurable Cancers Into Chronic Diseases

October 1st 2021

One oncologist highlighted the knowledge base of the immunotherapy and targeted therapy and how they interact with cancer cells.

Integrative Medicine: Do Herbs, Diet and Other Approaches Affect Cancer Outcomes?

September 30th 2021

A successful cancer treatment process includes more than just surgery, chemotherapy and other treatments: it involves keeping up your wellness from both a physical and mental standpoint, an expert says.

A Guide to Cancer Clinical Trial Participation: It’s Not a Last-Ditch Option

September 30th 2021

Clinical trials are key in driving treatment advancements for patients with cancer – especially those with genetic mutations – and should not be looked at as a last resort.

Here Are Some Legal Rights That Protect The Genetic Information of People at Risk For Hereditary Cancers

September 30th 2021

There are certain laws that may protect the medical information of people with genetic predispositions to cancer from their employers and possible health insurers.

What Patients With Ovarian Cancer Should Know About Maintenance Therapy

September 29th 2021

Maintenance therapy is meant to prevent relapse after a patient with ovarian cancer received their main treatment. Here’s an overview of what patients should know.

Discussing Hereditary Cancer Risk With Children

October 22nd 2018

Although there is never the perfect time to have a risk-related discussion with a child, one clinical psychologist explains ways in which parents can approach the difficult topic.

Managing Lymphedema: Education is the Best Treatment

October 22nd 2018

To combat the psychological effects from a lymphedema diagnosis, patients need to be equipped with the knowledge and understanding of what the condition is and how it is treated.

Using Humor to Heal

October 21st 2018

Eva Moon shares nine habits for keeping a sense of humor when the going gets rough.

How to Have the Sex Talk During and After Cancer

October 21st 2018

One expert shares advice for opening the line of communication between patients and health care providers, as well as their partners.

It's All in the Family: Discussing Cancer Risk with Extended Family Members

October 20th 2018

One family shares their experience with the discovery of a BRCA mutation, and how they discussed it among one another.

Movement, Moderation and Mindfulness: Being Proactive About Diet and Exercise

October 20th 2018

Exercise and nutrition are essential to improving a variety of facets revolving around the continuum of cancer — from prevention to diagnosis and treatment to survivorship care.

Clinical Trial Participation is Key for Hereditary Cancer Research Advancement

October 20th 2018

Although individuals may have concerns about enrolling in a study, their involvement may lead to new discoveries.

Men with Genetic Mutations: What You Need to Know

October 20th 2018

A genetic counselor discussed the various hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome-associated cancers among men and how to manage them at the FORCE Annual Meeting.

One Previvor's Journey With a BRCA Mutation

October 19th 2018

Eva Moon, a writer, musician and performing artist, discusses her genetic mutation and how it changed the direction of her life.

Previvor Turned Breast Cancer Survivor Shares Her Unexpected Journey

June 13th 2017

Angela Schmidt Fishbaugh talks about being diagnosed with breast cancer after a mastectomy, changing her from a previvor to survivor.

Pairing PARP Inhibitors With Other Drug Types the Next Frontier for BRCA-Mutated Ovarian Cancers

June 11th 2017

The idea of interfering with DNA’s self-repair capabilities has been at the heart of this decade’s progress in treating ovarian cancer, and the focus now is on combining PARP inhibitors with other types of therapies.