Lung Cancer Heroes

Educated Patient® Webinar: Meet the 2021 Lung Cancer Heroes®

November 15th 2021

View the full CURE® Educated Patient® Webinar: Meet the 2021 Lung Cancer Heroes® on demand.

Bringing the Lung Cancer Community Together Through Recognition

November 4th 2021

In this episode of CURE’s “Cancer Horizons” podcast, three individuals, who were recognized as CURE Lung Cancer Heroes, spoke about what the honor means to them and bringing the lung cancer community together.

CURE® Honors Oncologists, Patient Advocate in Lung Cancer Heroes® Award Program for Impact on Community

October 29th 2021

CURE®’s Lung Cancer Heroes® Award Program celebrates and thanks the heroes who make a difference in the lives of patients with lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Heroes Awards 2021

October 28th 2021

Watch the entire Lung Cancer Heroes® presentation here!

An Inspiring, Guiding Light Through Lung Cancer

August 7th 2021

"He strengthens you with the scientific knowledge he provides, with his courage as a role model and with his fighting spirit.”

Blessed to Have a Hero in Cancer Care

August 6th 2021

A patient writes about the impact Dr. Aaron Mansfield had on her during treatment.

Bringing Together the Lung Cancer Community

October 22nd 2020

In this episode of the “CURE Talks Cancer” podcast, we looked back on CURE’s Lung Cancer Heroes event and recognized each winner that helps bring together the lung cancer community to raise awareness.

Lung Cancer Heroes Awards 2020

October 16th 2020

Watch the entire Lung Cancer Heroes program here!

CURE®’s Inaugural Lung Cancer Heroes Program Honors Several Individuals Who Have Dedicated Their Lives and Careers to Improving Care for Patients

October 16th 2020

Two physicians, a nurse and a patient advocate were honored during CURE®’s first ever Lung Cancer Heroes program.