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'All Roads Lead to Roman': A Hero Among Lung Cancer Doctors

November 29th 2021

Dr. Roman Perez-Soler received his original training in Spain but has been a constant beloved presence in the U.S. lung cancer arena for more than 30 years.

A Lung Cancer Survivor, Fighter and Advocate

November 28th 2021

Simply put, Jan Poulsen is an inspiration to those diagnosed with lung cancer, a friend writes.

An Angel Among Nurses for Patients With Lung Cancer

November 27th 2021

Lilian is a gentle soul who was placed on Earth for this purpose: to guide those with the most common cancer there is.

Expansion of IOA-244 Trial Fully Enrolled for Uveal Melanoma

November 26th 2021

Part B of the DIONE-01 study will look at whether IOA-244 increases anti-tumor responses in expansion groups of patients.

Phenomenal Awareness and Community Perspective for Lung Cancer Screenings

November 26th 2021

A colleague explains how Jody Ruth Steinhardt helps guide patients through lung cancer screenings and offers them support.

A Lung Cancer Hero Without a Cape

November 25th 2021

A colleague describes how Suzanne Walker has touched the lives of many patients with lung cancer over the years.

A Lung Cancer Healer Like No Other

November 24th 2021

An oncologist explains why Tami Tittlefitz, a lung cancer nurse practitioner, is "one of a kind: a saint and a healer."

An Amazing Human, Accomplished Surgeon and Humble Lung Cancer Hero

November 24th 2021

A lung cancer survivor explains how Dr. Brendon Stiles is an asset to the lung cancer community. "He is such an accomplished thoracic surgeon, but he is so humble and generous with his time."

Targeting Lung Cancer From a New Direction

November 23rd 2021

It is my hope that the cancer field continues to grow the novel therapy for not only patients with lung cancer, but well beyond. It is critical that the public be aware of how research and clinical trials are catalysts to better the outcomes of patients with cancer.

Staying on Path: Targeted Therapies Are an 'Incredible Win' for HER2-Mutated NSCLC

November 22nd 2021

Targeted therapies offer new hope for patients with HER2-mutated non-small cell lung cancers.

A Ray of Sunshine and Hope for Patients With Cancer

November 22nd 2021

A patient with stage 4 lung cancer explains why Dr. Shirish Gadgeel is a ray of sunshine and hope who makes patients with cancer feel that living a long life is a possibility.

Striving for a Cancer-Free World

November 21st 2021

Christine Eastep demonstrates the highest commitment to every one of the patients and her staff to improve the outcomes in lung cancer treatment, with a commitment to sending her staff nurses to tobacco cessation classes.

The Triple Threat Against Lung Cancer: Gifted Clinician, Teacher and Clinical Trialist

November 20th 2021

Dr. Roy H. Decker is a lung cancer hero — a “triple threat” in lung radiation oncology as a clinical innovator, teacher and ground-breaking clinical trialist, explains a colleague.

A ‘Miraculous Class of Drugs’ to Increase Accessibility in Lung Cancer

November 17th 2021

Recent results may lead to more checkpoint inhibitor options and lower treatment prices, giving accessibility to more patients with lung cancer worldwide.

9/11 Firefighters and Unending Tragedy: 'Together as One Neighborhood'

November 15th 2021

Twenty years after 9/11, a retired firefighter reflects on the weeks following the attacks, as well as his own diagnosis of lung cancer six years later, in a newly published book.

Facing Disparities in Lung Cancer Mortality Rates

November 15th 2021

Looking deeper into mortality rates highlights the importance of eliminating disparities in lung cancer and expanding screening eligibility for at-risk populations.

How One Lung Cancer Survivor Can Inspire Another

November 14th 2021

"Having been newly diagnosed myself, I saw how amazingly well she was doing and had been a survivor for about three years already," a lung cancer survivor writes about a connection she made with another survivor.

Hope Shared for Patients With Cancer Is Hope Multiplied

November 13th 2021

A patient with lung cancer explains how Terri Conneran, a patient advocate, helped her understand her disease and fight for proper care in a country with less options.

Guiding the Way for Patients With Lung Cancer: 'He Is my Hero'

November 12th 2021

A lung cancer survivor shares a heartfelt tribute to Dr. Abraham Chachoua, who changed his life.

The First of Many Advancements to Come for a Lung Cancer Mutation

November 12th 2021

Two new FDA approvals for patients with lung cancer and EGFR exon 20 insertion mutations have given the subset its first targeted therapies.

Out of the Darkness of Cancer and Into the Light

November 12th 2021

Out of the darkness there is sometimes light, and in South Florida, Dr. Mark Block is a beacon of hope and light for many patients who’ve recently received a diagnosis of cancer.

Cancer Survivor Meets Neighbor With Same Diagnosis: ‘That Changed My World’

November 11th 2021

On this episode of the “Cancer Horizons” podcast, a young mother living with lung cancer shares the story of her cancer diagnosis and describes the once-in-a-lifetime coincidence of learning her neighbor has the same cancer type and mutation.

The Art of Engagement: From Cancer Survivor to Researcher

November 11th 2021

In an era of trauma, people whose buoyancy elevates both purpose and agency shine like a flashlight in the darkness. During the past year of uncertainty, Dave Bjork was that light for many.

Cancer Survivor Nurtures Her Garden of Life After Losing Her Spouse and Facing Cancer

November 10th 2021

One cancer survivor's garden helped her to cope and stay active during diagnosis, through treatment and into remission.

Programs May Help Patients Go Smoke-Free After a Lung Cancer Diagnosis

November 10th 2021

Studies show that quitting smoking after a lung cancer diagnosis has a huge payoff for patients. Many smoking cessation programs in cancer centers have tools to help patients quit.

Behind America’s Number One Cancer Killer: Most People Lack Awareness of Lung Cancer and Screenings

November 8th 2021

The majority of Americans lack understanding of lung cancer’s deadly threat and how it can be screened for, according to new survey data from the American Lung Association. One survivor and one patient stress the importance of learning more about the deadliness of the disease.

More Than a Career: Lung Cancer Advocate Turns Passion Into Action

November 7th 2021

Upal Basu Roy has a true gift of being able to think from his heart. He educates the patient community, helps patients navigate the fragmented system, fights for drug access issues in other countries, addresses disparities and supports patient-driven initiatives in research and advocacy.

Meet the Visionary Defender of Early Detection and Prompt Treatment

November 6th 2021

Lung cancer is a dangerous and often silent killer for the residents of northeast Georgia. For Dr. Arfoosh, lung cancer screening, quick referrals and prompt treatment for people with newly diagnosed lung cancer are at the forefront of his daily work.

A Generous Caretaker for All Affected by Lung Cancer

November 5th 2021

After Kelsey Ahmed’s mother, Martha, was diagnosed with stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer, Kelsey and her family got to work raising funds and spreading awareness for the American Lung Association.

Side Effects From Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors May Increase Hospitalizations, Cost for Patients With Bladder, Liver, Lung or Skin Cancer

November 4th 2021

Patients who experience side effects due to immune checkpoint inhibitors are 80% more likely to go to the emergency room and have 30% higher monthly medical costs, compared to patients who did not have side effects.