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There are so many questions that come with a cancer diagnosis — questions about treatment, side effects, caregiving, survivorship and more.
Your stories help us achieve our mission of combining science and humanity to make cancer understandable.
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Your Recent Stories

Compassionate Care Goes A Long Way When Receiving Treatment for Cancer

February 10th 2021

A patient with cancer recalls how the love her care team showed her during her treatment made such a difference in her journey to recovery. Her hope: That more patients with cancer around the world can find doctors who treat them as a person, and not just a case.

‘Scanxiety’ Can Make Cancer Survivors Irrational and Irritable

February 9th 2021

A penile cancer survivor recalls how he can become irrational and lash out at his loved ones during the days leading up to his next scans. His wish: To be normal again.

Looking At Yourself Differently After Cancer

February 8th 2021

Moment by moment, we move toward life. We feel what needs to be felt. We can even feel through the numb parts—the broken pieces. Instead of looking somewhere else, we look straight on— at ourselves and others. We see what’s really there. Who is there for us? Who is not? We choose to be with those we love, and those who love us back—like the person in the mirror, the new friend.

Your Life Is Not Over Because of Cancer

February 6th 2021

At the moment it may be hard to realize, but your life is not over because of cancer.

Image Visualization Helped Complement My Cancer Treatment

February 1st 2021

A cancer survivor, who is in her 14th year of remission, recalls how image visualization complemented her cancer treatment and suggests the practice may help others.

Winter And Entering Hospice

January 31st 2021

With winter upon us, a caregiver discusses how the end of life is akin to the cycle of seasons and how hospice does not have to be a challenging hurdle.

No One Ever Sees a Cancer Diagnosis Coming, Especially When it Involves Their Penis

January 26th 2021

A cancer survivor writes about how he, like many, was blindsided by his diagnosis and what it was like to receive treatment for a rare disease: penile cancer.

To Tell or Not to Tell About My Mastectomy

January 13th 2021

A cancer survivor discusses how she decides to discuss her mastectomy and the acceptance of her body after treatment for cancer.

Lessons from COVID-19: How to Support those Facing Serious Health Challenges Like Cancer

January 12th 2021

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the serious medical difficulties patients with cancer face has been brought to the forefront for healthcare as a whole. But we can learn lessons from these challenges and find a stronger path forward.

A Granddaughter's Questions About Cancer

January 7th 2021

A caregiver discusses with her granddaughter the cancer diagnosis and treatment of a loved one.

One-Half Teaspoon

December 26th 2020

Aileen Holthaus writes about her first day of chemotherapy for follicular lymphoma, and the challenges it presented.

Laughter Is Sometimes The Best Medicine

December 22nd 2020

For one cancer survivor, laughter might have been the best medicine.

Helping Others With Cancer By The Book

December 19th 2020

Catherine Stier, a breast cancer survivor, discusses her new book "When A Kid Like Me Has Cancer" a story of how to talk about cancer with children.

Navigating the Holidays: 7 Tips for Cancer Caregivers

December 15th 2020

In this most stressful of seasons, these seven specific steps can bring the joy back to the Holidays for those patients going through cancer treatment this time of year.

Writing As A Caregiver: Feelings and Thoughts During My Husband’s Cancer

December 13th 2020

A caregiver uses poetry to work through their husband's cancer journey.

How Cold Weather Affects Patients with Cancer

December 5th 2020

Winter brings added challenges for patients with cancer. Here's what you need to know to take into consideration as the weather gets colder.

How Yoga Helped Me in My Post Breast Cancer Treatment Journey

November 28th 2020

A former oncologist discusses how yoga became a vital part of her recovery after a surprise breast cancer diagnosis.

A Cancer Poem: Rock-Solid Strength

November 22nd 2020

A poem from a mother to her daughter after her breast cancer diagnosis.

Health Care Costs Should Not Compromise Cancer Care

November 11th 2020

The cost of cancer care is often an insurmountable challenge for many patients, in particular patients with lung cancer. Many of whom will die because they cannot afford treatment. Health care costs must not compromise care.

Counting My Blessings As the Wife of a Prostate Cancer Survivor

October 31st 2020

As the wife of a prostate cancer survivor, I’m eternally grateful for Colorado’s early blood draw program that helped my husband get lifesaving treatment early.

A Letter to Myself: You Were Made for This Breast Cancer Journey

October 20th 2020

Paula Schneider, president and CEO of Susan G. Komen®, writes to her younger self on the lessons and challenges she faced as a patient with breast cancer.

Hope And The Patient With Cancer

October 18th 2020

Hope is a potent ally for the patient with cancer, and it is a response that helps inform a patient's journey with cancer.

Living As A 'Triple Threat' Breast Cancer Survivor

October 17th 2020

Understanding cancer as a professional is one thing, but once you go through the journey it takes on a whole different understanding.

'I Struck a Deal With God': A Cancer Survivor's Story on Finding Faith

October 11th 2020

One cancer survivor details her winding treatment journey, and how by making herself a deal found the faith to keep moving forward.

When Surviving Cancer is only the Beginning

October 5th 2020

For head and neck cancer survivor Jason Mendelsohn surviving cancer was only the beginning of his journey as handling severe side effects from treatment altered his day-to-day life.

License to Live: How a Fishing Retreat Liberated Me from Cancer

September 27th 2020

Talking about cancer can be a great burden but sharing one’s story can be liberating. Even if you share it while fishing.

3 Mindset Hacks That Can Keep Women Facing Breast Cancer Calm and Happy

September 26th 2020

Looking to change your mindset when facing down breast cancer? Here are 3 hacks to keep you calm and happy.

Chatting with Cancer and Getting ‘Sweet’ Revenge

September 23rd 2020

I suffered a recurrence a few years ago and couldn’t bear to hear, or utter, the word “cancer.” So, I decided to counter-attack by belittling the disease and calling it “chocolate.” Then, I got my sweet revenge.

What it Was Like to Lose My Niece to Cancer

September 20th 2020

The call that raised the hair on my arms, which is the one I least expected, came at 7:30 a.m. during a sales meeting.

Hope for The Cancer Journey

September 19th 2020

As difficult as my cancer journey was, there were a lot of good things that came out of it. Cancer changed my life. It changed my perspective. It showed me what is truly important and valuable in life.