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There are so many questions that come with a cancer diagnosis — questions about treatment, side effects, caregiving, survivorship and more.
Your stories help us achieve our mission of combining science and humanity to make cancer understandable.
To share your story, submit it via a Word document to for your chance to have your story highlighted here, and please be sure to include "Share Your Story" in the subject line.
CURE® accepts submissions of personal essays from readers relating to their own cancer experience. Submission of your work to CURE® does not guarantee publication. CURE® does not offer compensation for general submissions.
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Your Recent Stories

One Woman Chooses Her Legacy

October 18th 2019

After losing numerous relatives to cancer, one survivor is determined to leave her children a legacy of hope.

Innovative Breast Cancer Treatment is Lagging

October 16th 2019

Although breast cancer is commonly diagnosed in the United States, patients are left with unmet needs.

Salute to a Mentor

October 15th 2019

At her first chemotherapy infusion, one woman met a caring patient who guided her through the treatment experience.

Fighting the Uncertainty of Cancer With Self-Education

October 11th 2019

A seven-year mesothelioma survivor encourages patients with cancer to be their own advocate.

Personalized Precision Cancer Therapy Offers New Hope

October 9th 2019

"My dream is for the day when all cancer patients can have testing to find out what treatment approach might work best for them—so that a patient with a specific genomic profile doesn’t miss an opportunity to get a potentially life-saving treatment when it’s out there."

Embracing the Pink Ribbon for my Daughters

October 8th 2019

A patient with breast cancer discovers that going pink isn’t all that bad.

Losing My Hair, Gaining New Perspective

October 7th 2019

"Losing your hair is a painless part of cancer treatment, but it can be challenging."

Cancer Survivorship Encouragement

September 30th 2019

My Secret Life With Ovarian Cancer

September 16th 2019

“For so long ovarian cancer has been a secret part of my life. That’s over now.”

The Roadmap That I Never Had

September 13th 2019

"My body, job and health may have changed but cancer didn’t spread to my soul. I’ve still got that fire in my eyes to make an impact and contribute."

"Grudgitude" - Turning Challenges into Gratitude

September 12th 2019

Hurricanes and Cancer

September 11th 2019

"Having lived through dangerous hurricanes and cancer treatments, sometimes even simultaneously, I have witnessed firsthand the devastation that is left in the wakes of both of these traumatic events and see many parallels between the two that those who have not experienced cancer might miss."

From Brave To Fearless: How Volunteering In Peru Shifted My Cancer Perspective

September 4th 2019

Traveling helped me remove myself from the storyline of cancer and reconnect with the world around me.

The Journey We Took Together

August 26th 2019

When Living with Brain Cancer, Life Doesn't Always Go as Planned

August 14th 2019

My Confession: I Feel Nostalgic Thinking Back to Cancer Treatment

August 8th 2019

If Your Loved One has Terminal Cancer: Four Keys to Help Partners Survive the Ordeal

August 7th 2019

Here are four keys to surviving the ordeal – especially for partners and caregivers.

Six-Time Cancer Survivor Feels 'Damn Lucky'

August 6th 2019

My Movie Reel: Surviving Cancer Has Taught Me to Be Present

August 2nd 2019

Cancer made me realize how much of life I let slip by while trying to be in control and achieve perfection. Surviving cancer has taught me there is peace and serenity in giving up the need to be in control.

Cancer Survivorship, Side Effects and Seeking Second Opinions

August 1st 2019

When I got CURE®’s spring issue in the mail; I couldn’t put it down! Now that I’m going into my 10th year of survival from a highly aggressive cancer; it’s my turn to write about my experiences based on the stories in this issue.

Patients With Cancer Are Different From the Average Plastic Surgery Client

July 31st 2019

Now that I have completed my surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, I have decided to focus on one important part of my treatment and share my experience with you. Maybe I can reach the right people so that others won’t have to experience what I did.

My Survival Garden: Overcoming Ovarian Cancer

July 30th 2019

While recovering from ovarian cancer and chemotherapy, I got it into my head that I needed a garden space. My garden represents not only my physical labor, but also my focus, which is on the future.

Taking a Risk: The Path to Recovery from Cancer with Clinical Trials

July 29th 2019

Being a part of a groundbreaking clinical trial put me on the path to recovery. I continue to eat healthy, exercise regularly and do my part to ensure my cancer does not return.

Cancer: The 'Emperor of All Maladies' Has Fallen

July 26th 2019

A poem about how the medical community has helped reduce cancer and save lives.

My Passion is to Make a Difference for Patients Facing Cancer

July 25th 2019

Through volunteer work and participating in the “Road to Recovery” program as a driver with the American Cancer Society, one survivor found the perfect outlet to cope with the emotional side of healing after chemo treatments.

Cancer Astronaut: Adjusting to the "Gravity Shift" in Life After Cancer

July 24th 2019

An online ad prompted one survivor to reflect upon the question, "Do you have what it takes to be an astronaut?" At least one aspect of being an astronaut would be better than adapting to life after cancer: a debriefing is provided at the conclusion of the voyage.

Walking Away from a Burning Car

July 23rd 2019

Cancer: The Ugly Breakdown

July 18th 2019

Yes, some days are harder than others, even though my strength has been depleted, my courage has been renewed.

A Decade of Cancer Survivorship: What Helped Me Through It

July 17th 2019

CURE magazine and other resources helped one survivor navigate diagnosis and beyond.

Finding My Way

July 16th 2019