Sunandana Chandra, MD, MS

An Expert’s Experience in Prescribing Tebentafusp and Other Therapies for mUM and a Commentary on Patient Education and Resources

August 24, 2022

Dr Sunandana Chandra highlights her personal experience in prescribing tebentafusp and other therapies for mUM, and discusses the educational resources and advocacy organizations that she encourages patients to look into to help make an informed decision about their treatment regimens.

Patient Eligibility and Logistical and Safety Considerations for Tebentafusp Treatment in mUM

August 24, 2022

An oncologist outlines which patients with mUM are eligible for bispecific T-cell receptor immunotherapy, discusses logistical and safety considerations, and explains why pre-treatment HLA testing is required for those considering the regimen.

Common Symptoms of Uveal Melanoma and the Typical Diagnostic Journey of the Patient

August 10, 2022

Dr Sunandana Chandra describes the typical symptoms that patients with uveal melanoma experience, the prevalent asymptomatic patient population, and how optometrists and ophthalmologists may be involved in the diagnostic process.