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Addressing Unmet Needs in Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

May 12th 2022

Before closing out their discussion on differentiated thyroid cancer, patients and health care professionals alike consider unmet needs in this space.

Treating Radioiodine-Refractory DTC After Progression on Lenvatinib

May 5th 2022

A brief discussion on therapeutic options one may consider after progression on lenvatinib therapy for iodine-refractory DTC.

Practical Advice and Resources for Patients on Systemic Therapy for DTC

May 5th 2022

Shared practical advice for patients who may be undergoing treatment for iodine-refractory differentiated thyroid cancer.

Communicating With Care Providers While on Therapy for DTC

April 28th 2022

Discussion on how best to communicate with care providers while undergoing therapy for iodine-refractory differentiated thyroid cancer.

Radioiodine-Refractory DTC: Dosing Considerations for Lenvatinib Therapy

April 28th 2022

Considerations for how dosing and dose reductions can be used to optimize use of lenvatinib for iodine-refractory DTC.

Receiving Lenvatinib Therapy for Iodine-Refractory DTC

April 21st 2022

Expert and patient perspectives on receiving lenvatinib therapy for iodine-refractory differentiated thyroid cancer.

Radioiodine-Refractory DTC: An Overview of Work-up and Treatment Options

April 21st 2022

Health care specialists share insight on the work-up of patients with iodine-refractory differentiated thyroid cancer and how this may affect systemic therapy options.

Netflix Star Reveals Cancer Diagnosis, ‘Good Morning America’ Host Robin Roberts Discusses Emotions Surrounding Partner’s Cancer Journey and More

April 15th 2022

From a Netflix star revealing a breast cancer diagnosis to “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts sharing what emotions she felt when partner Amber Laign was diagnosed with breast cancer, here’s what is happening in the cancer space this week.

Identifying and Monitoring Radioiodine-Refractory DTC

April 14th 2022

Discussion on when differentiated thyroid cancer is determined to be iodine-refractory, and how patients should be followed in this setting.

Radioiodine Therapy for Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Following Surgery

April 14th 2022

Expert perspectives on the process of surgery and radiation therapy used for less severe cases of differentiated thyroid cancer.

A Patient’s Journey With Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

April 7th 2022

Jim Lesniak shares his experience of receiving a diagnosis of and being treated for differentiated thyroid cancer.

Differentiated Thyroid Cancer: The Role of Patient Advocacy Organizations

April 7th 2022

Considerations for the role of patient advocacy groups and patient-to-patient education in the differentiated thyroid cancer journey.

‘Monumental’ Treatment Advancements Have Been ‘Life-Changing’ For Many Patients With Thyroid Cancer

April 5th 2022

Monumental treatment advancements over the past two decades have given patients with thyroid cancer the ability to live longer and better lives, according to an expert from Cleveland Clinic’s Taussig Cancer Institute. However, more work is needed to find curative treatments.

General Principles of Management of DTC and Role of the Health Care Team

March 31st 2022

Expert perspectives on the broad management of differentiated thyroid cancer, including surgery, radiation treatment, and systemic therapy.

An Overview of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

March 31st 2022

Health care specialists provide an overview on the nature of differentiated thyroid cancer and discuss subtypes of disease that patients may present with.

What Happens When a Patient Develops a Secondary Cancer Years After Undergoing Treatment?

March 22nd 2022

Although certain cancer treatments have been linked to an increased risk of a secondary cancer years later, an expert notes there are no genetic or pathologic studies that prove the association between new and previous cancers.

More Effective, Less Toxic Treatment Approach for Brain Metastases May Improve Care and Survival

March 2nd 2022

Guidelines for the treatment of patients with brain metastases is moving from whole brain radiation therapy to less toxic treatment options to potentially improve care and increase survival.

Tafinlar Plus Mekinist May Safely Improve Long-Term Survival in Patients with Rare Thyroid Cancer

February 4th 2022

After four years of additional follow-up, survival continued to improve and side effects remained tolerable in patients with anaplastic thyroid cancer receiving Tafinlar plus Mekinist.

Former Mets Player Dies From Cancer, 6 People With Cancer File Lawsuit About Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, and More

February 4th 2022

From the death of a former New York Mets player due to cancer, to a lawsuit against Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings regarding cancer potentially caused by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, here’s what’s happening in the cancer landscape this week.

When the Daughter of a Pediatric Oncologist Receives a Cancer Diagnosis

October 14th 2021

“We tried very hard, my daughter and I, to have a daughter-father relationship, not a daughter-doctor relationship,” said Dr. Michael Weiner on this episode of the “CURE® Talks Cancer” podcast, in which he discussed his career, his own cancer journey and his daughter’s diagnosis.

New Book Written By Former Pediatric Oncologist Emphasizes Patients With Cancer ‘Are Not Alone’

September 22nd 2021

The tome also reflects on his own diagnosis of cancer and how it influenced his practice.

FDA Approves Cabometyx For Thyroid Cancer Subset

September 22nd 2021

The FDA approval of Cabometyx was based on results that showed that the drug was associated with improved outcomes in patients with radioactive iodine–refractory locally advanced or metastatic differentiated thyroid cancer.

Educated Patient® Webinar: Treatment and Care for Thyroid Cancer

September 20th 2021

View the full CURE® Educated Patient® Webinar: Treatment and Care for Thyroid Cancer on demand.

Precision Medicine and Clinical Trials

July 28th 2021

Online resources available to patients with lung or thyroid cancer who are considering participation in a clinical trial after undergoing comprehensive genomic profiling.

Biomarker Testing: Centralized Vs Local Labs

July 28th 2021

The pros and cons of conducting pathology assessments for comprehensive biomarker tests in central laboratories versus local laboratories.

Access to Molecular Testing in the Community

July 21st 2021

Current barriers that impact patient access to comprehensive biomarker testing in the community and efforts underway to help advocate for increased accessibility to molecular assays moving forward.

Becoming Informed About Comprehensive Genomic Profiling

July 21st 2021

Resources available to support patients and community oncologists who are interested in learning more and gaining access to comprehensive biomarker testing.

Molecular Testing in Thyroid Cancer: Interpreting Results

June 23rd 2021

Lori J. Wirth, MD, describes what information she looks for from results of molecular testing that help inform treatment for her patients with thyroid cancer.

Molecular Testing and Shared Decision-Making

June 23rd 2021

Andrea Ferris, of the LUNGevity Foundation, explains why shared decision-making is important when recommending molecular testing to patients with lung or thyroid cancer and highlights resources provided through her organization that support patients and health care professionals.

Educating Patients About Biomarker Testing

June 16th 2021

Common questions asked by patients with lung or thyroid cancer who have been referred for biomarker testing and advice for setting expectations from test results.