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Next-Generation Sequencing Appears Significantly Beneficial for Patients with Advanced Cancer and Cancer of Unknown Primary

May 18th 2021

Recently published data support the use of next-generation sequencing as a standard practice in patients with advanced cancer and cancer of an unknown primary location, according to the study’s authors.

With Cancer, It's Game On

March 20th 2018

Cancer Under Cover

February 22nd 2018

Two schools of thought exist about how to treat metastatic cancers of unidentified subtype, called carcinomas of unknown primary.

NORD Offers Information and Support for Patients of Rare Cancers

November 25th 2014

NORD was founded in 1983 by parents of children with rare diseases. Over the past 30 years, it has become a powerful advocacy voice for all patients with rare diseases, including cancer.

The Power of Positive Thinking

March 14th 2012

Woman's husband handled mysterious cancer with humor and grace.

Meetings of the Minds

September 15th 2009

What is multidisciplinary care, and where can patients get it?

Web Exclusive: Solving a Medical Mystery

June 16th 2009

Cancer is usually not an emergency, so days or even weeks should be taken to answer the question as best possible.

Web Exclusive: Clinical Trials for CUP

June 16th 2009

Clinical trials for cancers of unknown primary patients.

What About CUP Patients?

June 9th 2009

Unknown primary cancers are not well-known or well understood, which can frustrate patients.

No I.D.

June 9th 2009

Treating cancer is a tricky matter when the type is unknown.